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Social Media Marketing

Should you use social media in your marketing plan? YES!!!

The importance of social media is under utilized yet, it is the most used when looking at screen time. It's important for businesses to stay connected. At WMA, we offer result driven social media solutions. Whether you are looking for more likes, followers or post driven content we can help!

The Answer is YES!!!

While a Website is great for people who don't know you, Social Media can expose you to your peoples people. It gives you exposure to networks outside of your own network. It is the modern day of advertising.

Social Media can create customer engagement, new customers, and credibility. Think of it this way, I'm sure you've advertised for another business without knowing it. When was the last time you were at the movies? Did you make a post about it? Did you rave how good it was or how terrible it was? Either way, your post influenced your friends. If they went to see the movie that you recommended, that motion picture made money?

Having the right Social Media Management can be KEY to your businesses success.

We offer multiple social media packages each tailored to our clients specific goals. 

Our Social Media Management Includes:

  • • Profile setup or admin on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.  
  • • Content Planning and Scheduled Posts 
  • • Page and Boosted Posts
    • Monthly Reports 

The "NEW" Bathroom Wall

Where you go to get the down low! 

Social Media

Everyone today has some type of social media. There are so many different platforms from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Alignable, Snap Chat and even Pintrest. Think of these platforms as the writing on the bathroom wall. Everyone sees it! Except now a days, you can control WHO sees it. 

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